Thursday, 25 September 2008


Incessant vibrant chatter
Captivates me 
Tempting me out into the   

Embracing space   

Naked supple limbs 
Hide behind ranks 
Of overlapping armour links 
Green leaves leave no chinks 
For light to slink away, wasted.   

The whites of your eyes 
Clear and stark 
Against those black ovals, 
So dark 
You have entranced me into the open   

And here I stand swaying
Petrified. Euphoria 
Dies with the setting sun 
And that hardening confidence, 
That was so clean and strong 
Has crumbled
To leave a soft, dank, 

Distressed by desolate winter 
Circles of thought spiral away 
Fluttering as I fritter away my time 
Stripping me, stiff and splintered 
Teased by the whispering wind, 
As I flail to catch lost seconds   

This desperation disrobes me 
oval by bright oval, 
Your name Carved deep

1 comment:

g.i.johazelwoods said...

je t'adore. this is beautiful :)